I Miss Sonia Henie

I Miss Sonia Henie

During 1971 Belgrade Film festival Karpo Godina recruited seven masters to direct a segment of the film, intercepted them at the hotel and handed them a 1-page set of instructions..

The rules for this film were simple. Each director would make a 3 minute film. The film was to take place in one room, with the camera in a single position. No changing of lenses, framing, angle or position would be allowed. The camera position and room were the same for all segments, though props could change scene by scene. During the film, someone must say “I Miss Sonja Henie”.
All shooting was done at night or early in the morning during the festival, on 35mm.

Directed by Karpo Godina, Tinto Brass, Miloš Forman, Buck Henry, Dušan Makavejev, Paul Morrissey, Frederick Wiseman / Yugoslavia / 1971

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