Short Film Pleasure

English Short Films

The Internet, The Truth Behind The Conspiracy
A journalist embarks on a crusade that will put his life at risk to find out the truth behind the conspiracy surrounding the Internet. Does the Internet really exist or is it all just a conspiracy? Join us in this quest for justice and truth where ...
The depths of insanity are explored by a man chasing something in his apartment with a shoe. A man is trying to catch some sort of bug running around his room. He takes his shoes off and intends to crush it under the heel of his ...
My Favourite Things
A young girl and boy's worlds cross paths in a beautiful and touching manner. Directed by Edward Styles / UK / 2009
Medium Rare
Carl is running for his life. When a beautiful woman offers him an unexpected hiding place, his luck seems to change. But desire is about to lay its own subtle trap. Based on "zwei bei tisch" by Hans Herbst. Directed by Stefan Stuckert / UK / 2007
After You
Beautiful one minute short film about loss, sadness and smiling. Directed by Adam Linzey / UK / 2009
About Time 2
Time passes. Something changed, something remains unchanged. Figgis has divided the screen into 4 parts, and showed a life - from childhood to old age. And ten minutes is not enough to understand the subtle interaction of four simultaneous realities. Multichannel split screening in the vein of Timecode, ...
To Kill A Dead Man
The band Portishead are heavily influenced by the Spy films of the sixties & the soundtracks of such composers as Lalo Schifrin & John Barry. Their trip hop music conjures up images akin to movies such as The Ipcress file. Here they take their love ...
Addicted to the Stars
A spaceman's journey culminates in a return to an Earth where he finds that the son he left as a boy is now older than he is. Focussing on lost time, this is a heartrending account, and a beautifully shot addition to the series. A part ...
Having the world's most amazing penis, a gift or a curse? This is the story of one such man. A story he wants to be kept quiet. Directed by James Pilkington / UK / 2000
Father and Daughter
A father says goodbye to his young daughter. In time the daughter grows old, but within her there is always a deep longing for her father. Won Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Directed by Michael Dudok de Wit / Belgium, UK, Netherlands / 2000
The Black Hole
A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him... Directed by Philip Sansom and Olly Williams / UK / 2008
Maybe One Day
This film conveys a sense of life and experience, extreme and heightened feelings as well as pensive and quiet moments. It is reminiscence, a visual diary and a document of a day. This is achieved through the journey of one man. Directed by Chris Cottam / ...