Short Film Pleasure

5 Minute Short Films

The Value of Money
A man who wants a new life, found a place where he can buy a conscience. Directed by Raúl Gutiérrez / Colombia / 2010
Cosmos – a microfilm
From the generic theme of poverty, the director conceived a cinematic take on social exclusion which suggests the outlines of a more personal drama - part gritty observation, part poetic celebration of motherhood. Directed by João Paulo Simões / Portugal / 2010
The Technician
A cable guy is called in to repair an old mans TV set. Once inside the clients home, the repairman realizes theres nothing wrong with the TV. Rather its the images broadcasted on the screen: wars, famine, illness and kidnappings, that are broken. Moved by ...
A night watchman spends time on a basketball court throwing a ball into the basket. He has become an expert. He shows his abilities to a simple janitor, who also like him, is there all night. Directed by Nuno Rocha / Portugal / 2009
Children Lose Nothing
A cinematic poetry from Lituhanian auteur Sharunas Bartas. Segment of "Visions of Europe" omnibus film. Directed by Sharunas Bartas / Lithuania / 2004
The Internet, The Truth Behind The Conspiracy
A journalist embarks on a crusade that will put his life at risk to find out the truth behind the conspiracy surrounding the Internet. Does the Internet really exist or is it all just a conspiracy? Join us in this quest for justice and truth where ...
When it Will Be Silent
In the aftermath of an apocalypse, a man's tragic loss leads him to an unequivocal decision. Directed by Dan Sachar / Israel / 2009
The Driver is carrying an Asian child who has been chosen for a strange ritual. He must drive him through a dark night in the city to get to a monk's house, while eluding several American cars out to get the child. A part of BMW ...
While escorting an elderly man to an undisclosed location, The Driver is confronted by a van full of armed men and is warned that the old man has stolen a large amount of diamonds. The old man claims to have swallowed the diamonds and that ...
The Follow
The Driver is hired by a nervous movie manager to spy on a paranoid actor's wife. During his tailing of the wife, the Driver describes the right way to tail someone. As he follows her he begins to fear what he might learn of her ...
The Driver carries an arrogant rock star who is visiting a major city. Played by Madonna, this title character wants to get away from her bodyguards in the Driver's BMW. He soon gets tired of her and decides to have a bit of fun. A part ...
Nuit Blanche
Explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy. "Many things are working in concert to make this terrific film work. Sound design with original score is accentuating each point the director is trying to make. The ...
Poetic essay about the beginning of life from labor pains and birth and about its symbolic meaning. Life is about a birth, consisting mainly of views of a young woman's face in the throes of labour, her heaving body in its hospital room seen as a ...
A man looking for something white in a black world... Directed by Konstantinos Fragoulis and Alexandros Sipsidis / Greece / 2008
Georgian Summer
A weary donkey causes a huge traffic jam on a busy road in Tbilisi. The donkey refuses to budge. Outside the city, a bull is attracted by the red dress of a pretty girl and chases her. A boy who is deeply in love with her, ...