Short Film Pleasure

Hungarian Short Films

Doll No. 639
A lonely man lives in his cozy apartment, disturbed only by an endless train rattling in front of his window. He spends the days in his workplace, and gets everything he may need in the night. Until some strange incidents derail the routine. The story ...
Dog’s Life
Have you ever thought about what your dog can feel? See the world trough your dog's eyes! Directed by Ferenc Rofusz / Hungary / 2005
The Cat’s Role in French Literature
Fear and loathing in a suburban sublet. Directed by Virág Zomborácz / Hungary / 2006
The Secret Adventures Of Sleepy Men
After a cheerful marriage and honeymoon, a young wife discovers that her husband spends his nights in some unusual places. Love and adventure can come in really unexpected ways. Directed by Karoly Ujj Meszaros / Hungary / 2008