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Comedy Short Films

The Gas Station
Master of emotional dialogue without words, Jos Stelling, having collected many prizes for his first erotic short film "The Waiting Room", decided to continue the series of amusing tale about the unpredictability of fate turns in the most seemingly banal situations. Beguiling the time in ...
Doll No. 639
A lonely man lives in his cozy apartment, disturbed only by an endless train rattling in front of his window. He spends the days in his workplace, and gets everything he may need in the night. Until some strange incidents derail the routine. The story ...
The Waiting Room
An erotic and humorous story about a man who is sitting in a waiting room. The man spots a beautiful young girl. The girl notices the man's hungry eyes... Stelling visually shows that it is sexual motives govern human behavior. In his film is not a ...
The Value of Money
A man who wants a new life, found a place where he can buy a conscience. Directed by Raúl Gutiérrez / Colombia / 2010
Vicky and Sam
While working at the local video store, Vicky meets Sam, who quickly becomes a regular costumer. Both fall in love, ignoring the true reason for their rendez-vous. Directed by Nuno Rocha / Portugal / 2010
Little but very powerful story in one and a half minute by 328 Stories. Directed by Andreas Pasvantis / Netherlands / 2010
Happy Sushi
The eternal struggle of man versus a wobbly restaurant table is explored in depth. OK, not in depth, in 2:59. Directed by Andy Green / USA / 2010
Interior Design
The surreal fable of a young couple who moves to Tokyo in search of a future. While the boy's ambition is clear - be a movie maker- the girl drifts gradually apart. Both of them will be drowned in the imensity until the girl, feeling ...
The Technician
A cable guy is called in to repair an old mans TV set. Once inside the clients home, the repairman realizes theres nothing wrong with the TV. Rather its the images broadcasted on the screen: wars, famine, illness and kidnappings, that are broken. Moved by ...
A night watchman spends time on a basketball court throwing a ball into the basket. He has become an expert. He shows his abilities to a simple janitor, who also like him, is there all night. Directed by Nuno Rocha / Portugal / 2009
The Internet, The Truth Behind The Conspiracy
A journalist embarks on a crusade that will put his life at risk to find out the truth behind the conspiracy surrounding the Internet. Does the Internet really exist or is it all just a conspiracy? Join us in this quest for justice and truth where ...
One Fine Day
This film is basically about a farmer who travels a few miles to a dingy, remote country cinema to watch Kitano's Kids Return, only for the showing to constantly break down because of an inept projectionist (played by Kitano). Segment from “Chacun Son Cinéma” (To Each ...
Dog’s Life
Have you ever thought about what your dog can feel? See the world trough your dog's eyes! Directed by Ferenc Rofusz / Hungary / 2005
La Paresse
Upon leaving the Studios de Billancourt, a movie star Eddie Constantine is approached by a starlet who is going home with good intentions... and he can't be bothered to accept a starlet's sexual favors. Directed by Jean-Luc Godard / France / 1962
Beat the Devil
Decades ago, the legendary James Brown sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune. Now he wishes to renegotiate. Hired to take Mr. Brown to a rendezvous with the devil (Gary Oldman), the driver soon finds himself entangled in fiendish plans. A part of ...