Short Film Pleasure

2010s Short Films

The Value of Money
A man who wants a new life, found a place where he can buy a conscience. Directed by Raúl Gutiérrez / Colombia / 2010
Vicky and Sam
While working at the local video store, Vicky meets Sam, who quickly becomes a regular costumer. Both fall in love, ignoring the true reason for their rendez-vous. Directed by Nuno Rocha / Portugal / 2010
Cosmos – a microfilm
From the generic theme of poverty, the director conceived a cinematic take on social exclusion which suggests the outlines of a more personal drama - part gritty observation, part poetic celebration of motherhood. Directed by João Paulo Simões / Portugal / 2010
Little but very powerful story in one and a half minute by 328 Stories. Directed by Andreas Pasvantis / Netherlands / 2010
Happy Sushi
The eternal struggle of man versus a wobbly restaurant table is explored in depth. OK, not in depth, in 2:59. Directed by Andy Green / USA / 2010
Chienne d’Histoire
Constantinople 1910. The streets are overrun with stray dogs. The newly-established government, influenced by a model of Western society, uses European experts to choose a method of eradication before deciding, suddenly and alone, to massively deport the dogs to a deserted island away from the city. Won Golden ...
The Internet, The Truth Behind The Conspiracy
A journalist embarks on a crusade that will put his life at risk to find out the truth behind the conspiracy surrounding the Internet. Does the Internet really exist or is it all just a conspiracy? Join us in this quest for justice and truth where ...