The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room
Best Shorts, Comedy

An erotic and humorous story about a man who is sitting in a waiting room. The man spots a beautiful young girl. The girl notices the man’s hungry eyes…

Stelling visually shows that it is sexual motives govern human behavior. In his film is not a single replica – only looks and gestures. However, they concealed a lot more than in the most lengthy dialogues. Luggage patiently waits for peeping virtuous husband, left for half an hour unattended doting wife in the station waiting room. His thoughts and feelings spill out, when, as if from heaven, down she cherished. Half an hour of contemplation turn into five minutes of silent action, the absence of any background sound – a sign of impeccable taste, but the film itself – one of the best silent shorts.

Directed by Jos Stelling / Germany, Netherlands / 1995

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