Short Film Pleasure

5 Minute Short Films

My Favourite Things
A young girl and boy's worlds cross paths in a beautiful and touching manner. Directed by Edward Styles / UK / 2009
The Heart of the World
Maddin pulls out all the stops in this dreamlike, hyperkinetic tribute to silent films. 'The Heart of the World" could easily have been a throwaway film, given the circumstance of its origin. The Toronto Film Festival commissioned Maddin to make a brief film to fill a ...
Fantaisie in Bubblewrap
The final minutes of a society of vocal bubblewrap as it faces its apocalypse. 'Bubblewrap' was completed August 2007 and has since made the festival rounds picking up some awards on its way. It is Arthur Metcalf's debut film. Directed by Arthur Metcalf / USA / 2007
Right Place
A short film about a Japanese eccentric convinience store clerk. Winner of Best Short Film at Young Directors Award Cannes, 2006 Directed by Kosai Sekine / Japan / 2005
A man gathers together an arsenal of lethal weapons around his lover’s bed like Rube Goldberg machine. It looks as if he wants to kill her, while she is fast asleep! Then he leaves and lights the fuse... Directed by Veit Helmer / Germany / 1995
Young Vincent Malloy dreams of being just like Vincent Price and loses himself in macabre daydreams which annoys his mother. The art of the short film is one that is all too often overlooked by larger production companies. Which is just downright silly, really - OK, ...
Although based upon fairly adult concepts, this is not a particularly visual film, but rather uses dialogue and implied visuals to tell a passionate story. Directed by David Hamilton / USA / 2006
The morning ritual of just brushing your teeth takes on a new dimension for one startled man in this inventive tale. This Italian comedic short film is so simple and yet so amazing. The idea isn't revolting (though you can understand, that I can't talk about ...
Struggling with a massive change in her life, 12-year-old Clara is disoriented and confused. Her efforts to remedy the situation and make sense of her new world are thwarted when flowers attack her and ants invade her home. Her enchanted childhood has changed forever. Special ...
The Plan
A man quits his job, leaves his girlfriend and drives to vegas to put all of his money on red. Directed by Matthew Kalish / USA
Left Unspoken
Have you ever loved someone but didn't have the courage to tell them how you feel? The final moments of a long awaited first date unfold in this sometimes funny, sometimes serious romantic film. Tropfest Australia 2009 Finalist Directed by Avi Lewin / Australia / 2009
La Revolution Des Crabes
Humorous and insightful animation about a blighted species of crabs. Directed by Arthur de Pins / France / 2004
A masterpiece comedy starring Dominique Pinon (Delicatessen). Featuring muted colors with a sepia black and white, Pinon takes the viewer through various examples of what he "likes and dislikes". Won César Award for bes short film in 1989. Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet / France / 1989
A Thousand Words
Every day: so many opportunities to connect. What if you took just one? A young man riding the Metro in Los Angeles notices a young woman looking through her digital camera. They exchange glances, then she gets off the train, carrying a box of plants. As ...
A worker in a factory learns a lesson about life. When is enough? The Academy-Award® nominated animated short-film tells the story of a lonely inventor, whose colorless existence is brightened only by dreams of the carefree bliss of his youth. By day, he is trapped in a ...