Short Film Pleasure

Touching Short Films

Young couple watching Jean-Luc Godard's "Le mépris" in cinema... Segment from "Chacun Son Cinéma" (To Each His Own Cinema) collective film of 33 shorts directed by different directors about their feeling about Cinema. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu / USA / 2007
About Time 2
Time passes. Something changed, something remains unchanged. Figgis has divided the screen into 4 parts, and showed a life - from childhood to old age. And ten minutes is not enough to understand the subtle interaction of four simultaneous realities. Multichannel split screening in the vein of Timecode, ...
When the Day Breaks
After witnessing the accidental death of a stranger, Ruby seeks affirmation in the city around her, and finds it in surprising places. With deft humor and finely rendered detail, When the Day Breaks illuminates the links which connect our urban lives, while evoking the promise ...
Addicted to the Stars
A spaceman's journey culminates in a return to an Earth where he finds that the son he left as a boy is now older than he is. Focussing on lost time, this is a heartrending account, and a beautifully shot addition to the series. A part ...
Explores the moment between cause and effect. The short film starts off like the filming of a very boring lecture by a college professor on the concepts of cause and effect. In graduate school, I had to do a lecture on this exact same topic, though ...
Left Unspoken
Have you ever loved someone but didn't have the courage to tell them how you feel? The final moments of a long awaited first date unfold in this sometimes funny, sometimes serious romantic film. Tropfest Australia 2009 Finalist Directed by Avi Lewin / Australia / 2009
A young man falls in love with a young woman sitting at the back of a Parisian taxi… Great story and cinematography! Directed by David Bertram / France
Little Man
A touching story about a boy and his homework, and his attempt to understand girls. Directed by Esben Tønnesen / Denmark / 2006
A Thousand Words
Every day: so many opportunities to connect. What if you took just one? A young man riding the Metro in Los Angeles notices a young woman looking through her digital camera. They exchange glances, then she gets off the train, carrying a box of plants. As ...
A worker in a factory learns a lesson about life. When is enough? The Academy-Award® nominated animated short-film tells the story of a lonely inventor, whose colorless existence is brightened only by dreams of the carefree bliss of his youth. By day, he is trapped in a ...
Mankind Is No Island
Sydney. New York. Two global cities with big hearts, broken. This Film was shot entirely on a cell phone, on the streets of New York, NY and Sydney, Australia. The film won the $20,000 top prize at Tropfest NY 2008. Directed by Jason van Genderen/ Australia / ...
Where do you find love? Sometimes all you need is a sign. A simple short film about communication. Directed by Patrick Hughes / Australia / 2008
A fable about a parking attendant who gives his customers REAL validation - dispensing both free parking and free compliments. Directed by Kurt Kuenne / USA / 2007
Tanghi Argentini
An office clerk with a hankering to tango enlists the support of a workplace colleague as he prepares for a date. It's Christmas time and the concept of giving assumes fairy tale proportions in this beguiling modern story. Nominated for Oscar. Another 22 wins. Directed by ...