Drama, Experimental

Explores the moment between cause and effect.

The short film starts off like the filming of a very boring lecture by a college professor on the concepts of cause and effect. In graduate school, I had to do a lecture on this exact same topic, though thankfully my lecture was a lot more interesting. However, midway through the film, the film abruptly changes to an example of cause and effect that is quite heartbreaking and moving. See it and be amazed.

This short film is very odd in style and I am sure than many who might see it will be turned off by its very unusual style and deadpan narration. However, when you look at it less for its marketability and see it as it really is (a film made by an amateur), it’s a truly amazing film. Considering that this is the first film made by Matthew Kalish, then it’s quite exciting to see and I wonder what the future holds for this bright young film maker. The film was so professionally made and intriguing that it’s hard to believe he’d never made other films before this and only one small filmette since. imdb

Directed by Matthew Kalish / USA / 2001

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