Short Film Pleasure

American Short Films

Young Vincent Malloy dreams of being just like Vincent Price and loses himself in macabre daydreams which annoys his mother. The art of the short film is one that is all too often overlooked by larger production companies. Which is just downright silly, really - OK, ...
Aida and Josef try to communicate past the distance from point A to point B. An exposed space, clearly visible to snipers, prevents them from doing so. Set during the Sarajevo siege award winning short film 4960 earned Jury comments: "Brutal, riveting, fearless . . . ...
Although based upon fairly adult concepts, this is not a particularly visual film, but rather uses dialogue and implied visuals to tell a passionate story. Directed by David Hamilton / USA / 2006
Young couple watching Jean-Luc Godard's "Le mépris" in cinema... Segment from "Chacun Son Cinéma" (To Each His Own Cinema) collective film of 33 shorts directed by different directors about their feeling about Cinema. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu / USA / 2007
Wrong Side of the Bed
Normality takes a turn on his head when Mr Average Joe suffers a very unlucky day when he gets up on the wrong side of the bed. Will he manage to get back on the right side of life or will he be doomed to ...
Explores the moment between cause and effect. The short film starts off like the filming of a very boring lecture by a college professor on the concepts of cause and effect. In graduate school, I had to do a lecture on this exact same topic, though ...
The Plan
A man quits his job, leaves his girlfriend and drives to vegas to put all of his money on red. Directed by Matthew Kalish / USA
Ah, L’Amour
A guy keeps getting painfully rejected (bodily harm) when he asks girls out. Directed by Don Hertzfeldt / USA / 1995
The Parlor
A group of strangers pass the time in a waiting room and talk about strange things.. This short was simply cool beyond words. And the twisted ending was brilliant. Overall, more than worth spending the ten minutes or so to watch it. Its ...
A Thousand Words
Every day: so many opportunities to connect. What if you took just one? A young man riding the Metro in Los Angeles notices a young woman looking through her digital camera. They exchange glances, then she gets off the train, carrying a box of plants. As ...
A worker in a factory learns a lesson about life. When is enough? The Academy-Award® nominated animated short-film tells the story of a lonely inventor, whose colorless existence is brightened only by dreams of the carefree bliss of his youth. By day, he is trapped in a ...
A fable about a parking attendant who gives his customers REAL validation - dispensing both free parking and free compliments. Directed by Kurt Kuenne / USA / 2007