Broken Circle

Broken Circle

Mitchell Stevens has a troubled conscience and a past he regrets. Having recently left his life as a priest, he’s looking for a way to redeem himself to the world and to himself. When the local police ask him to help provide shelter for a battered woman, he sees an opportunity to help someone and earn that redemption. But Mitchell’s best intentions are about to confront a complicated cycle of violence.

Broken Circle takes place in an apartment of a former priest, Mitchell Stevens (Michael Badalucco), who still goes on supporting the less fortunate ones. He is called upon to give shelter to a Spanish speaking woman, Perla Rosarez (Delilah Cotto) that has been beaten up by her husband.

Mitchell is on a path to improve his life, and is struggling hard for that change to take place. He finds a great opportunity for redemption by taking in that young woman and helping her to solve her problems; to not only break his own vicious circles that he needs to get out of, but to break her circle as well.

This movie is about the effort it takes in order to change ones own life and habits, and what happens if you decide to change the lives of others with your own purpose in mind. imdb

Directed by Aaron Sawyer / USA / 2007

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